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He hugged me when he told me that, one day, and said that he was so glad we had met and been friends, that it had made x.hamster his life seem fuller and better somehow. Me too, Joshy, me too. ****************************** You can write me at jediplightaol gay xhamster with xhamster granny any comments. Hope you liked it. Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 04:20:47 EDT From: x-hamster Kevroc54321aol freeporn Subject: The Education of Joshua, Part Seven THE EDUCATION xhamster japan OF JOSHUA Part Seven This story may contain portrayals of intimate acts between and adult and a minor. If per the statutes and laws in your area this is not legal, or freeporn if you xhamster milf are in disagreement with this type of story and do NOT want to read xhampster.com this kind of literature, leave this site and story now. The names, places, and story are ficticious. Joshua was probably about 15 or so at the time of these incidents. He had been my favorite kid for a hamster tube long time, for many reasons. For those of you unfamiliar with the idea of boylove, it quite emphatically is not just about wanting to get into a boy's pants. In fact, there is a great deal to the xhamster free real demeanor of being a boylover. While I must admit that boys do indeed roust xhamster mom up robust sexual feelings and intentions, it xha is not always about that. Every time I see porno xhamster xxx hamster a young cute boy playing baseball, or pushing xhamster jepang a shopping cart in the hamster porno mall, I do not instantly go, "God! xhamster com He is hot. hamster xxx I want to F&%$ him!" Mostly, I personally love to xhamster.com watch boys. They have as far as I x master am concerned, some of the cutest actions, reactions, and antics in the world! And by golly, Josh was NO exception. This boy wasn't overly handsome, or muscular, or tall, or dashing, or any xh one thing. He was that elusive and enigmatic xhampster combination of many striking qualities. He was slender, but athletic. He was quiet, but loved to laugh. xhamster/ He was smart, but could play dumb with the best of them. He was aloof, yet undeniably the best hugger in the entire world. He was at xhamster desi times expressionless, and at others he xhamstercom would shine that famous Joshy smile with his deep sky-blue eyes twinkling xhamaster and make me forget ALL that I was thinking xhamster free porn 1/2 second before. xhamsterlive And he was as outgoing at times https //xhamster.com as any boy I have ever known, yet fortunately for me he could keep a secret. https //xhamster.com This particular time, I found out something about boylove that perhaps I did not know, or at least hadn't come to terms with. It was just after Christmas, and I had a few more days off until I had to be back at the work grind. www.xhamster.com It was nearly a xhamster .com week off, and here I was coming down with the flu from hell. I wasn't throwing up or anything, I was just dizzy, ran a xmaster consistent fever, and was just about the most un-energetic person in the world. In fact, if I got off the couch to xhamter get the newspaper xhamster gay I felt that I had really accomplished a feat! Knock knock knock...... "Who is is?" I inquired. "Me!" said Josh thru the door. It was a xhmaster bit windy outside, and cloudy, and although not rainy it surely wasn't far off, either. A pretty hamster.com miserable day. "Oh, ok. Come on in...." "Hi Michael. Ohhh! hamsterporn You look horrible!" xmaster.com Josh said, observing the obvious. "Well, I probably feel a little worse than that," I replied. "You probably shouldn't stay around too long, I wouldn't want you to get whatever in the heck this is." Josh noticed the paper plate on xhamster photos my coffee table with a half a piece of xhmaster toast with jelly on it. It was 11:30a. "I hope you didn't https //xhamster.com/ only have half a piece of toast," Josh admonished. "No, I had a piece and a half," I sniffed. "Aren't you hungry?" he asked. "I don't know, I feel x video like dog x hamster.com doo doo..." I whined. xhamster categories "Yuck! Well, you feel like it, you look like it, and well, you kinda smell like it, too," he chortled, trying hamster porn to get a xhamster femdom rise out xhamster photo of me. "Well, there you go, Dog Doo Doo a la Michael," I chimed in weakly. Josh busted up on that one, but I hamsterx could only admire my humor. It would have taken too much energy to laugh. "I'm hamster tube gonna go ask xxxhamster my mom what you should do, I'll be right back..." and xhamsters Josh gave me a quick peck on the top of the head, and was off out the front door. I was still sorta deciphering https //xhamster.com/ his parting statement when he arrived back in the house, walking right in. "Sorry," he said, "I didn't xhamster mobile knock because I figured you knew who it was." Hell, I didn't even know what a table was. "Mom said you should eat some chicken soup, clean up, take some aspirin, and go to bed," Josh announced. My lips began to try to form some words probably not totally in sync with what Josh was trying to do, and so he just stepped over to me and said, "Damn, Michael. You are screwed xhamster xxx up!" I nodded. Finally someone who hamsterx understood! "Hey, I will take care of you. You got any chicken soup?" I think mature xhamster I was still shrugging my shoulders in uncertainty to the question when I heard the can opener running, and a pot x-hamster banging its way onto the stove. Magic! There was a blonde angel boy offering me soup! He helped me with the first few spoonfuls until I got the idea that it was time to EAT the soup, and then autopilot took over. YYYuuuummmmmm........ xhamster tube this was pretty good! porno The next thing I know I was done eating my soup and I was being aided in standing up, and being pushed toward the bedroom. I lay back onto the bed, and nimble hands undid buttons, tugged at clothes, and before I knew it I was naked as xhamster odir a jaybird. Somewhere, far off in the xhamster videos distance, I could hear a waterfall........ "Come on, Michael, you gotta take a shower. Mom said." Well, at least someone was in charge of free porn this expedition! The warm water felt xhams good and intrusive at the same time. Funny, xhamster sex it seemed like xhamster video there was an extra set of hands washing EVERYthing on my body, soap, rinse, soap, rinse. Wash hair. Rinse. Water off. Same extra hands xhamster mobile toweling me off, hair dry, body dry, underwear on. "Here, I couldn't find any aspirin, so I got the freeporn Motrin stuff. Adult dosage is 2 x 200mg, here swallow," and the Magic Hands of the Year presented me with 2 IB's and a glass of milk. I swallowed, and the milk glass went away. "Ok, now xhamster de to bed." Hell, x video that was OK with me! This x hamester was tiring! I slept like a rock, hamster.com and when I awakened, I had a cold compress on my head. Hey, xhampster.com I even noticed that! The room temp felt fine, there was a glass of ice water by my bed, and a bowl of water. "Hey, you're awake. Cool!" Josh imparted. "Man, you slept a long time. Like about 13 hours or something" xhamsters videos "Huh?" "Well, I put you to bed last night about 9:30p, and it is almost 11a now," Josh said. Josh moved over and removed the cold compress from my forehead, rinsed it in the bowl, and placed it on my head. OOHHHH! It felt soooooo good! I started to doze off, sure hamster sex that I had somehow despite my life achieve Nirvana. xhamester "Uh uh, no way. Mom says you gotta eat first. Here," and with that I was present with a glass of pear juice and two pieces of toast, butter only." The pear xhamster porno juice xhamster porno was xhamster porn non-acidic and tasted great, and the toast was warm and salty and also tasted like something I had been exhamster somehow craving. Fantastic! I made it nearly through both pieces of toast before I dozed off. Vague images of having cold rags applied to my forehead. Occasional drinks of cool water. Blankets xhamster live pulled up to my chin. Someone taking me to the bathroom, helping me with xhamster porn my equipment and aiming it at the toilet for me. Back to bed. Soup. Sleep. Warm shoewer, scrubbing, dry. Lights out. Morning................. A long, deep sigh. I opened my eyelids to a mid-morning sun peaking from behind winter clouds. At the end of my bed xhamster indonesia Josh was seated in a chair, slumped over with his head resting on his crossed arms on the foot of my bed. He stirred slightly as I moved my feet. "Oh.........oh! Michael! how are you doing?" he very, very sleepily inquired. "I am doing better, I think," I responded. I was most definitely not back to 100%, but at least I was coherent. Man! I had been out of it! Josh laid his head back down. This boy was trashed tired. I began to xhamster geschichten get images of this blonde angel boy bringing me this, taking me there, tucking me in, xhamster deutsch washing porn xhamster me, drying me, even feeding me. Josh had been watching over me hand and foot! My god! How long had it been? "Joshy, how many days have I been out of it?" "Two. This is day number three," he groggily replied. I was astonished, dumbfounded, hamsterx and xhamster pics nearly on the verge of tears. "Aw, Joshy, you are xhamster jepang wasted! You hamster sex didn't have https //xhamster.com/ to. You really beat yourself up!" "Nah, not so bad. Little sleep and I'll be ok. xhamster. com Besides, who else was gonna do it?" he defended. I took him out to the couch, turned the t.v. on low on the cartoon channel, and laid Josh on top xh of me, face down. His head x.hamster rested on my chest, my arms around him, and I fell asleep again. We both awoke at about 4 o'clock to a knocking at the door. We'd slept another 5 hours. Josh looked better, the bags under his eyes nearly gone. xxxhamster "Who is it?" I half yelled. "Is Josh in x.hamster there?" It was Chris, Josh's brother. "Nah, he took my car and drove to San Francisco," www xhamster.com I teased. Chris opened the door laughing, "He did NOT," still laughing. "Mom wanted me to tell you dinner is ready," Chris continued. "Hi Michael. How are you feeling?" "Night of the Living Dead," hamster xxx I said, "actually quite xhamster femdom a porn bit better, thanks to Josh." Josh must've xhamster porno ate xhamster .com and done his chores in record time, as he was back in about 45 minutes. "How ya doing?" he asked. xhamster indonesia "Josh, if it hadn't been for you xham I think I would still me a heck of a lot sicker." He smiled. "I am serious, Josh, thank you EVER so much. You are such a nice kid, AND my bestest buddy in xhamster mobile the whole world!" He laughed at that, and moved in closer for his much deserved backlog of hugs. We didn't even talk much, just watched some Elijah Wood movie on t.v. and let the evening hours wander by. "You gotta get home?" I asked. Josh shook his head no, "uh uh, mom said I xhamster hd could stay one more night over here to take care of you." "What?! You stayed over here every night while I was down?" He nodded. "Damn, Josh!" xhamster free I hugged him tighter, "I owe you big time." "You owe me plenty," he laughed. We stayed up a little while longer, and he xhamster japanese said, "Can I sleep with you?" "What? Where have you BEEN sleeping?" "Well, in xhamster categories the chair next to you so I could keep your cold compress fresh to help break your fever. When I got too tired I just put him arms on the bed and dozed off." "Geeze! Of COURSE you can sleep with me. I wouldn't have it any other way. xhamster milf Come here!" and I hugged him about 1,112 times hamsterxxx more. We shucked off our clothes except for undies and off to bed. Josh made sure I was in and under the covers, and he turned the light out. There was a rustling of covers, and he showed up xhamster pictures at the foot of the bed, slinking under the xhamster. covers, running his hands up my thighs. He kissed the inside of my thighs, while his hand continued their way up and past my awakening manhood, kissing all the while xhamster photo farther north. His hands found their way back down to my awaiting shaft at the same time his nuzzling nose found its way to the underside of my balls. xhamster video I bucked bigtime. A wetted finger found its way back around to my butthole, xhams while his other xhamter hand gently massaged my tender testes. He licked up the length of my shaft to the top, licking that around like a lollipop or ice cream. At the same time he entered my rear with his finger, he let his warm succulent mouth descend on my dick. With each ascending and descending stroke, he massaged my prostate with his finger, matching tempo. This was not only the absolute best xxxhamster b/j ever ever ever, I signaled I was coming, and he didn't let up, at all. He willingly took all my squirt, apparently swallowing all. The orgasm was intense, very intense. He smiled at me, knowingly. He gently pulled xmaster.com my legs up x hampster over his shoulders, and pressed his hardened member against my shorts. OFF came the shorts, and he pressed in gently but firmly. He made sure he hit my magic spot each time, until he could tell I xhamsters videos was getting close. He began pumping strongly, watching my every expression. I was xxx hamster just about to cum, and he slowed, leaned over a bit and said, "For you, Michael, for you" and with that he came deeply inside of me, his eyes nearly rolling back in his head. He pressed his body against mine and drove in a few more strokes and I came on us both, hard. He reached over and xh took a warm washrag off the night stand, and wiped us both off. He smiled, and xhamster pics laid back down beside me, his leg draped over me. "Sleep well," he xhamster tube told me. "You too, babe," I returned. He looked up at me and smiled, "Did I do you good?" www xhamster.com "No Joshy, you did great, the best, the most wonderful ever, AND you totally took care of me when I was down. That is SO COOL I cannot even begin to tell x-hamster you how much it means," I said. "Well, I gotta take of you, too, right?" "Right." "Cool," he quietly said, put his head down next to my shoulder, giving me a xhamster categories long, warm, soft kiss there. I kissed him on the top of his head, "Joshy, you are beautiful." "Thanks," xxx xhamster he said. "Yup." Within seconds he was breathing heavily, well on www.xhamster.com his way to a contented sleep. I kissed him again on top of his head, gently, and long, smelling the shampoo and xhamster stories boy odors deeply. "I love you SO much, Joshy." Dreamily, from a thousand miles off, he said, "Duh!" <<>> "I love you too, Michael." <<>> I don't remember if I dreamt or not, but hey, would there have been a difference? ***************** Hope you enjoyed the story. Input welcome, email me at jediplightaol. Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 04:02:26 EDT From: Kevroc54321aol Subject: The Education of Joshua, Part 8 THE xxx xhamster EDUCATION OF JOSHUA Part xhamster de Eight This story contains fictional site xhamster.com xhamster depictions of intimate situations between an adult male and at least one minor male. If xhamster hd your do not wish to read this type of a story, or if the laws/statutes/regulations in your area forbid you to xhamster mature view this type of literature, or if you are below the age of 18, leave this site/story now. Otherwise, read on. Memories abound on the subject of Joshua, as plentiful as they are wonderful. As this youngster grew from pre-teen to teen and then young man, he simply improved along with maturity. There were of course xhamster gay the occasional blips in his behavior which belied the fact that we were indeed following the progress of exhamster a boy, but overall he was straight and true. xhamster mom One Friday afternoon I chanced to come https //xhamster.com home porno hamster early from work, and xhamster japan lo and site xhamster.com xhamster behold it was xhamster sunny out. The sun wasn't down yet! Geeze! I hadn't witnessed this phenomenon in quite a while...... It was almost unbelievable that I would be driving HOME in the daylight, arriving in my driveway when I didn't xhamster lesbian have to use headlights to see the hedges, and then walk into my house and x hamster not have xhamster. to turn the lights on to see everything. Totally cool! I threw down my coat and briefcase and hamster tube headed into the bathroom to alleviate the pressures of a long ride home. "Michael? Are you home?" It was Josh. "No, but nevertheless there is a x hampster stranger peeing in Michael's toilet," I kidded. "Well," Josh said, "I have seen stranger things, for sure." "Oh? Have you now?" I came back.... "Yup, but my lips are sealed," and he mimed a zippered set of lips. "Hmmmm, that's a shame. Such wonderful mature xhamster and talented lips, too...." Josh gave me a medium punch in the shoulder. "Hey!" I shrieked as I lost my balance and nearly missed my target. "Don't worry," he said, "it looks like you have things well in hand." "Ha.....Ha," I retorted. "What are you doing home so early?" Josh asked. "Aw, the chains of work let loose for a day, and here I am among mortal men again." "Whatever." "So, what are you doing? No homework?" I inquired. "Heck no! Not on xhamster deutsch a Friday! I am bored poopless, man. I tried to get my dad to take Chris and I to the ball game, but Chris is supposed to go to a birthday party and my dad says his back hurts and he doesn't wanna go sit for 3 hours in their hard chairs." "There's a ball game today?" I xhamster vintage brightened. "OH! Good Idea! Let's go! I'll go ask xhamster geschichten my dad!" and before I could even comment he whooshed out my front door, once again entering his house before my door ever closed. He was gone about 10-15 minutes, xhamsters and came back over quickly, just sticking his head in the front door. "Chris wants to go too, is that OK? Dad says that I can't porno xhamster go unless we take Chris too." "I thought Chris was going to a birthday party?" I asked. "Well, he was gonna, but when I asked if I could go with you, he called and told them he wasn't coming," he answered. "Well sure, I don't see any reason xhamster granny why not," and again the Whoosh Boy jettisoned himself from my front porch and arrived somehow magically into his front door before my door again closed. xhamsterlive He and Chris showed back up in about 3 minutes, changed, sunglasses (boy these two blonde boys xhamster.com looked about as cute as could be in t-shirts, xmaster loose shorts, and sunglasses. What a day! Off free xhamster from hamster work early, and I get to escort these two hamster porno beauties to a ball game. Yippee!!! I asked if they would both use the bathroom, and I noticed that Chris had (for xhmaster his young body size) a raging hard-on that was sticking straight out, tenting his shorts. Josh was gone off xhamsters videos to my bathroom, so I asked Chris what was xhampster going on. "I xhamster de dunno," he replied, porn "I remember that time I was over here and I did it with you in your butt while you sucked on Josh, and how it felt, and I can't get x hamester it to go down now" he giggled. "Well, I can't do anything xhams about that xhamester right n-o-w," I said.... "Aw! It is r-e-a-l-l-y stiff!" he quietly implored, "Feel!" and he jutted his pelvis x hamsters toward me. Dutifully I grazed my www.xhamster hand in an upward manner across his groin, causing his erect boyhood to go up, and then flop back down. "Yup, pretty stiff alright," I observed, giving him a wink. xhamster free porn "Can't we do it before we go to the game? It felt sooooo good last time," he begged. "Maybe afterwards, we'll see what hamsterporn happens and how it goes, I guess......" "Aw! I promise I won't say anything to anyone ever anytime no matter what," he continued. "Try taking a pee when Josh is done, xhamster sex and see if that makes it go down some, ok? And then maybe when we get home after the game we can see if we have enough time to take care of that poor baby," I suggested. "Okay....." he whined. Josh came out and Chris went into the bathroom. "Ok, I'm porno ready" Josh xhamster. com announced. "Cool, we will go as soon as Chris is out, OK?" The phone rang. Josh and I raced to answer it, and I won, xhamster indian but not by much. "Hello? Oh hi. Yeah, we are just about ready to go. Oh? Ok, I don't see any problem with that. What time will you be back? Yeah, if it xhamster is too late I will just fold xhamster com out my couch bed and they can sleep there hamster porn until morning, if you want. Yeah, I guess that would be ok. I can order hamster a Pay Per View movie or something, xhamster/ and we can just plan on their xhamster odir staying overnight, that way I won't have to wake them up when you get home. And in case you get xhamster home later, no problem, OK? Cool. Nah, no problem, the game is a good idea, gay xhamster and Friday night is just kick back and watch the boob tube for me anyway. OK, bye for now." In unison, both Chris and hamster sex Joshy cheered, AND they looked at each other and winked. Um, ok.... The game was pretty good, with the local home xxx xhamster team trailing by only 1 porn xhamster run in the bottom of the 5th inning, with one out. Chris and Josh said they were thirsty, and had to go pee again. They vowed to be right back, so I decreed that they would turn into toads if they weren't back in about 10 minutes. Off they x hamester went. After about 20 minutes, I looked back up the stairway and saw no sight of them, and so got up to go see what candy stand or mischief they had gotten themselves into. I looked for about xhamster spanking 5 minutes, and was beginning to worry a xhamster lesbian bit. Not in the bathroom, not xhamster pics at the hot dog stand. xhamster sex I turned xhamster videos left to go by the beer stand on the way to the next set of bathrooms, and I heard Chris' laff behind one of the concession stands. I trod quietly, and found he and Josh having a soda. At least Chris was. Josh had a 24 oz xhamster photos cup of beer that was nearly 2/3's of the way gone, and when he saw me coming he chugged the last 1/3. Oh NO! "Josh, was in the heck are xhamster free you doing?!" x hamster.com I said. "Nothing," he replied. "That was about 24 oz's of nothing! Did you drink that by yourself, or xhamster geschichten did Chris help?" I calmly inquired. "I don't like beer" Chris interjected. "Josh, did you just chug-a-lug that whole free xhamster cup of beer?" There was no use in asking how he hamster x got it, that was at least somewhat obvious. Josh sorta unwantingly belched with extreme resonance and volume, and he and Chris both xhamsters.com laffed until I am sure they nearly peed themselves. I had to admit I was chuckling a xhamstercom bit too. "Josh, if you get caught my ass is in SUCH hot water it is not even funny," I exhamster admonished. "Can't we just go watch the game?" Joshy asked. Chris was no help, he couldn't stop laughing. OK, here we were with a 14 year old boy that had just chugged the equivalent of two regular beers. We were outta here! I walked with the boys ahead of me and xhamster stories we made our way back to my truck. I had my hand on Joshy's shoulder, mostly because I was xhamster gay concerned, but xhamster live also because I xha wanted to feel how he porno was xhamster xxx doing body-control wise. He was started to get a little sloppy. He belched hugely again, and they both cracked up worse that hyena's on laughing gas. xhamsters.com I just about made it back to vehicular safety when Josh again belched but this time he erupted like a foam volcano for xhamster jepang the second half of the belch. This was followed by two other eruptions outside of the truck, and one more inside with his head hanging out. Once more at the house and he was pretty emptied out, and I gave him a cold compress for his head and put him on the couch bed. He was hamster xxx snoring within 15 minutes, free porn but I woke him and let him xhamster stories know if he had to upchuck again, there was a waste basket by the bed, he xhamster desi nodded, and smiled xhamster desi weakly. "Sorry" he said, and his lower lip quivered and he pouted a bit and cried. "Hey, babe, don't worry, it's mostly over now. xhamster indian Just get some sleep and wake up tomorrow in a whole new day." "Sorry" he said again, a little less tear-y. "No worries, Joshy. I love you, go to sleep, it's ok." I stroked his head for a couple minutes and he was again snoring. I went back to the bedroom to kick off my shoes and put on some run-around-the-house shorts, and Chris was there sitting on the bed. "So, how is Josh?" he asked. xhamster indonesia "A little scared, and feeling a little crappy, but he will be ok," I said. "How about you?" I asked. "Well, we are sleeping over, right?" he asked. "Yeah," I said. "Well, I still have that same problem as earlier," and he stood up to show me xhamster pictures what he meant. His cute little boy-penis stuck absolutely straight up. I hesitated. "P-l-e-a-s-e!? You can do the same porno hamster to me. I mean I don't think it will fit in, but you www.xhamster can rub in on the outside in back," he offered. "Chris..." "Aw, Michael, come on, please? I need it. I will make you feel good, too." Heavy sigh. He pulled his shorts and boxers down slowly, e-v-e-r so slowly, and his boyhood boinked down and up, and vibrated to a stop xham at about 11 o'clock position. Chris' penis was almost the same size as Joshy's, but the head was bigger. AND he was leaking a bit of boy pre-cum. "Ok, Chris. No prob. Here, let me help xhamster spanking you with those," and I pulled his shorts the rest of the way down. He did the same for me, escalating the sexual tension 100%. I laid on the bed flat stomach down so he could mount me easily. He lotioned his weenie well, and my butt hole slightly, and eagerly climbed on. "Ok, remember that when you are gonna xhamaster cum, it will feel like you gotta pee big time, but if you continue it will get 5 times more better and feel great," I advised. "Cool," I said, "let me know how xhamster mom you are doing as far as getting close to cumming." "OK" he said, and he entered me and began pumping x hamster away. I let him go along for several minutes, and I asked how he was doing. "About half way www xhamster.com there" he replied. I switched him x hamsters to the me-on-my-back position and showed him the correct angle. He pushed in x master again, but this time we could see each others faces and reactions to the building orgasms. He pumped along xmaster for maybe two minutes, and his mood changed, his xhamster free porn tension increased, and hamster porno he began xhamster. com pumping a little faster. His dick also hardened big time. "Close?" I asked. He nodded, "yeah, real close. Aw man, it feels really good." "You want me to finish you off?" I suggested. "I really like it in the butt, but yeah, that would be ok, too," he panted. I hopped up and got a washrag and cleaned his dick up nicely, and laid him back on the bed. He was still hard, but had lost some of his momentum. Not to worry, I would most assuredly take care of that! I began nuzzling his balls with my nose, and he groaned slightly. He was 11 or so, but I noticed a few darker blonde pubic hairs coming in. Maybe....? I licked his balls, and up the underside of his dick, and he bucked and hamster x groaned. I hamsterxxx took him into my mouth, and fondled his balls with one hand and caressed his boycrack with the other. "Oh! My dick! Oh! Oh! Oh! I, uh, I think......UGH!!!!" and he ejaculated his first little spermload into my mouth. I kept sucking and milking him out, and he finally pushed my head off him. "Holy cow! My stuff came out! Aw, man! My stuff came out and it xhamster mature felt danged good!" he beamed. It was DELICIOUS. "Ok, now for YOUR sperm!" he enthused.